Candle Care Info

If you’re anything like us, you’re candle obsessed. They’re in every room of your house, you have a secret stash of your favourite scent + you're never not burning a candle. I mean, who's to blame us, they’re the perfect finishing touch for your humble abode!


You’ve probably thought there isn’t much to know when it comes to caring for precious candles, right? Of course there are the obvious rules when it comes to burning an open flame, but there's a little more than that to keep your candle burning its best.


Here at Whitsunday Collective, our candles are hand poured with love, using the highest quality products. To treat your candles with the care they deserve, simply follow these tips each time to ensure you maximise their use.


The First Burn 

The first burn is by far the most important! Always allow your candle to burn for long enough so that a pool of wax covers the entire surface (this can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours). If you don’t, you risk wax building up on either side of the jar, which is known as tunneling. Once this happens, it becomes very hard to correct and often means the duration of your candle's life will be shortened. 


Trimming the Wick 

Just like a cotton wick, wooden wicks need to be trimmed in order for them to burn best and to ensure longevity. We recommend trimming your wick before each use, anywhere between 1/18” and 3/16”. The best way to do this is with a wick trimmer, but if you don’t have one you can break off the ashy part of the wick. This will help control the flame and ensure the wax will be drawn up the wick properly. 


Burning Your Candle

After your first burn, your candles should burn for a minimum of one hour per one inch in diameter. So for a 3 inch candle, it should be lit for a minimum of 3 hours. In saying that, don’t let your candle burn for too long, six hours is generally plenty of time. If left burning for too long, the wick becomes long making it unstable and then can produce a dangerous flame. 


Putting the Candle Out

The best way to put out your candle is with a candle snuffer (which sounds fancy right?) This prevents the wax from splattering which can cause the wick to smoke (which causes the house to smell like something is burning). If you must blow it out, make sure your wick has no excess wax on it once your wick has cooled. This prevents the wick from getting too close to the edge of the jar, which can cause it to crack. The straighter the wick - the longer the burn time! But don’t forget you must keep trimming your wick too!


Storing Candles

Candles are sensitive to light and temperature. Store your candles in a cool, dry area, away from direct sunlight and fluorescent light. This is even when they are not being used. This will prevent them from cracking, melting and fading. 


What happens if you don’t store them away from sunlight or artificial lighting? Well sometimes the essential oils turn the colour of the candle a different colour.


It may seem like a lot of care for a candle, but trust us, following these steps will make your candle burn better, last longer + keep your home feeling like your tropical sanctuary. 

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