Why Flax Linen?

Here at Whitsunday Collective we take our sleep (+ our bedding amongst other things) very seriously. Having a bedroom that is both tranquil + relaxing is essential to not only sleep but everyday functionality. For us, we find nothing more relaxing than a fresh set of sheets + a lit wood wick candle burning.

A bedroom that is so stylish that it should be on a Pinterest page adorned by a legion of followers is extremely attainable - especially with Whitsunday Collective.

Full transparency, here at Whitsunday Collective we love linen. We wear it in our day-to-day lives, our bedding is linen + our tote bags (ideal for shopping) are made from our bedding off-cuts. So why flax linen? Well it’s luxurious, comfortable + durable. 

To further solidify our attachment to our linen, it's sustainably sourced + a far better option for our planet compared to other fabrics, which means you don’t need to compromise between a good night's sleep + doing the right thing for the planet. 

What is flax linen?

Flax is a flowering plant that grows in the cooler regions of the world + is known for producing the material we all know + love - linen. To create flax linen, the cellulose fibres (found in the stem of the plant) are harvested + spun into cloth. It has been harvested since times of ancient Egypt, + was once known to be the most valuable textile in the world. It has stood the test of time, + today is still one of the most sought after materials on the market.

What to look for when buying flax linen? 

Flax plants grow in several different countries, but not all linen that is produced is of the same quality. Flax is best grown in cooler climates where the soil is damp + there is plenty of moisture in the air. Although it's not challenging to grow, it doesn’t thrive in dry, hot conditions. Flax is a delicate plant + harvesting it is a very labour intensive process. In some areas of the world traditional methods are still used - meaning the process is done by hand!

Countries in Europe, in particular France + Belgium, are known for growing the best quality flax in the World. That's why the team here at Whitsunday Collective has carefully sourced 100% flax linen so you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be getting the best quality bed sheets + the best sleep. 

What's the fuss about Flax Linen? 

It's no surprise that flax linen is one of the most popular materials on the market. Lifestyle retailers, including us here at Whitsunday Collective, are finding more + more consumers are wanting linen as part of their staple wardrobes and households. 

Our flax linen sheets here at Whitsunday Collective are sustainably sourced + environmentally friendly. Flax uses almost one-fifth the amount of pesticides, irrigation + energy compared to other popular materials on the market such as cotton. 

The special care taken in producing our luxurious linen means that your bed sheets are durable, low maintenance + quick drying. They can be washed as often as you like + you know with peace of mind that they won’t be damaged - in fact, they will just get softer as they age. 

Not only will flax linen look stunning in your bedroom + home, it adds elements of luxury whilst feeling amazing to touch. Linen is naturally antibacterial, perfect for those of us who suffer from sensitive skin. The hollow fibres of linen allow it to breathe, meaning it will keep you cool during summer + warm throughout the winter, making the perfect bed sheets for all year round. 

Ready to make the switch? Shop our 100% French linen bed sheets here, ethically sourced from France + designed locally here in Australia.