French Flax Bedroom Linen

The Whitsunday Collective linen may be luxe but it’s washing machine friendly!

Just please follow the guidelines + rules. As it is a lovely natural fibre + we don't want to compromise the softness + integrity of the stunning fabric. 


Machine Washing

Whitsunday Collective linen sheet sets can be machine washed, but only following the following instructions -


  • Plain linen at 60 degrees 
  • Coloured linen at 40 degrees


Follow the above + your dreamy bed linens will become softer + silkier with every wash. Our sheets are made to last.

Do not bleach. We sell white linen, which over time, depending on how you use, may change colouring. If your sheets do change colour please re-assess how you are caring for them, it also might be a sign you are ready for your next set!

You spend half your life between the sheets anyway so why not comfortable + immerse yourself in luxury...


Dry Cleaning

The lightly quilted bed duvets should be dry cleaned as they may be too heavy for your domestic machine. Opt for Dry Cleaning over a damaged washing machine. 

Any questions about our linen + how to care for your pieces - please contact us, TWC x