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Absolutely love this Canggu Fireplace candle, with all the wet weather that's been around of late it's fresh spicy smell fills my home and takes that dampness smell away. Everyone comments about the smell it has. Definately give it a try .

Coconut + Lime Candle
Rachael Ramsay
Beautiful scent!

I love to actually smell my candles and this one is the best!! A lovely aroma that fills your home


This tote is amazing! I’m using it for everything. EVERYDAY! Perfect for groceries, gym and beach. It carries a good amount of thing too.


This scent is so delish! Moving into a home we splurged and the candles and reed diffusers. I’m an avid diffuser lover and Whitsunday are hands down my new go to. You’ve got me for life.


This scent is so delish! Moving into a home we splurged and the candles and reed diffusers. I’m an avid candle lover and Whitsunday candles are hands down my new go to. You’ve got me for life.

Villa Vanilla Candle
Caroline Harris
Beautiful scent

I love this candle it has such a beautiful vanilla scent to it and I love the wick burns really nicely. I would also love one with a white lid instead of black.

Vanilla reed diffuser

Absolutely love it! Beautiful smell every time I walk into the lounge/kitchen, thank you so much
I’m very happy with my purchase 😊

Island vibes Candle

Beautiful scent, takes me to a tropical Island 🏝

Luxurious linen

I just love this linen it looks beautiful and feels buttery soft. 💕

Beautiful sheets

I’m happy with these sheets & the colour (mustard) is beautiful.

You're so welcome Jo! The mustard is definitely one of the most gorgeous colours - injects so much warmth into your space too! Erin x

I used to think that Vanilla was a boring scent but this one is so strong and smells so lovely. I can smell it throughout my entire apartment.

Thanks Brad! We love the scent too! No boring scents around here! Team WC x

I use my tote for everything from going to the shops to doing my local market run. They make life so much easier and are not ugly like supermarket bags. I hate when I don't have my bag on me and have to purchase one. I have even used it for the beach and gym!

Thanks Brad! We love that it's such a necessity for you and us too! Team WC x

Love it!

I use my tote for everything. I don't leave home without it. It is great for my grocery shopping - very sturdy too!

We are so glad you love it Karen! It's definitely a necessity. Team WC x

Best Ever!

In our home we have many candles and diffusers, all from celebrated brands we all know.. THIS particular candle outweighs them all .. Smells divine, fills the entire home and burns for a decent time! Our new favourite x

Thank you Lou! We are so glad you are loving our candles. There's nothing better than lighting a candle and the smell travelling around your home! Team WC x

Thought I'd have a change this time, so went with Coconut and Lime Reed disffusser... so refreshing. After coming home the freshness hits you as you walk in. Very happy

We are so happy you loved this scent! It's definitely one of our favourites. Thanks Susan. Team WC x

Canggu can’t go - Canggu can stay!

Where to begin. The scintillating aroma transforms my physically run-down home into a spicy, yet sweet exotica oasis.
Even when the candle ISN’T lit - I walk past and it wafts saucily at me, reminding me to pause and close my eyes and dream of insane humidity and impressive tropical panorama. It’s like a time machine - how can a scent simultaneously remind me of younger days pre-pandemic but also make me want to build a fireplace? Irresistible. Irreplaceable. Canggu lives here now.

The Coconut & Lime candle is by far my favourite candle, As soon as i light it my whole house smells refreshed & delicious.
I have one in every room of my house. 5 start rating for sure....

Thank you Zoe! You can never have too many candles! We are so glad you are loving this scent. Team WC x

Fills the room

The divine, it is in a large high room, and the aroma is amazing.😉
Definitely a must have..

Thanks Sue! You can't go wrong with this diffuser, it's definitely one of our favourites. Team WC x

So soft & fresh

This linen bedding has blown my mind!!! So much softer than what I thought it would be!
The white is so crisp!

We are so happy we beat your expectations and glad you love it Jodie! Definitely heaven for us. Team WC x


YUM YUM AND YUM! I need even more - right now.

Thank you Sarah. We love that you love this candle! You can't go wrong with Villa Vanilla! Team WC x


What a nice scent. It is exactly like a cocktail I want again and again!

If we can't travel, at least we can make your home smell like a tropical paradise! We are glad you love it Sarah! Team WC x

Decided to try different scented candle this time, loving this one too, with these wet days it refreshes my living area beautifully.


Love our new cushion covers!
The candles are the absolute best .. truly, I’m fussy and was so impressed by these - Stunning 😍

Perfect tote bag

I use my tote bag for EVERYTHING! Grocery shopping, gym, and pretty much anything I need to carry. Fits so much, plus holds a good amount of weight.

Sleeping in luxury!

When we first got your sheets I didn't know what the big fuss was about until I slept on them. They feel great and make me feel like I am on holidays. Thanks.