Global Sustainability Awareness

If 2020 taught us anything, it's that our world - including the people + our natural environment - is irreplaceable. A fundamental (+ much delayed) urge to step into eco-consciousness + minimalist living has us all living and loving more mindfully. 

Here at Whitsunday Collective, we've taken proactive steps to make both our home + our business more sustainable. 

As such, we have aligned our business ethos + practices to minimize our footprint on this Earth. We are still learning, evolving + look forward to continuing to make conscious choices as our business grows.

Local Love

As a small, new business we have approached every aspect from design, sourcing + manufacturing with greener lenses + as such, we are proud to tell you our diffusers + our candles are made here in Brisbane, from natural replenishable sources.

Mindful Manufacturing 

We want to be transparent about our offshore manufactures + are proud to work with two small teams both in Indonesia + the People's Republic of China (PRC) with above award wages paid to our valuable staff.

Offshore Offcuts

Each product is made to order, meaning virtually no waste. Our linen offcuts in the PRC factory are converted into our cute tote bags + any remaining bits or bobs are used around the factory. 

Packaging + Postage

Each order is shipped plastic-free, encased in biodegradable hero packaging, or cardboard boxes reinforced with kraft paper. 

Supporting our business means supporting our environment + we welcome any feedback or suggestions on how we can further improve our business practices. 

Here at The Whitsunday Collective, we’ve been proactive in ensuring both our home and business practices are kinder to the environment. 

Let's keep it greener, with Whitsunday Collective.

TWC, Erin + Brad x