Here at Whitsunday Collective we are passionate about creating a business that is not only big on our personal beliefs but also one that leaves a positive impact on the environment.
We might only be small + new but we want to help in whichever way we can.
What you receive from Whitsunday Collective is carefully curated with you, our customers in mind. 
Our diffusers and candles are made in Brisbane with products sourced from Australian suppliers. 
We work with two International teams in Indonesia and PRC (Peoples Republic of China). 
Each of these small teams within these locations are paid above-award wages. 
In the PRC our products are made to order so all off-cuts of linen are turned into our tote bags or re-purposed for usage in the factory.
We are always aiming to create better experiences for both our customers + the environment. Each order we ship is shipped in either sustainable hero packaging with no plastics or in a cardboard box with recycled kraft paper.
Thank you for supporting us as we help support our planet while adorning you in our classic, long-wearing, trans-seasonal pieces!
Thank you for your ongoing support and assistance.
If you have any further questions about our sustainability, please contact us - 
Brad + Erin xx