Whitsunday Collective

Australian Dried Wheat Golden - Large


Australian Dried Wheat is a cult classic for both Australian and International decor. However you choose to style them, whether it be a stand-alone piece or as part of a bouquet, they will add a level of sophistication and style.

Colour: golden wheat

Size: Bunch of twenty and approximately 50 cm in length.


Note: As these are dried real plants, there might be shedding during shipping and also over time. To ensure there is minimal shedding we suggest investing in preserving spray. Refer to below dried + preserved care for further information.

The best thing about Whitsunday Collectives dried + preserved range as a gift? They last + require minimal maintenance - no water changing, no TLC + no pressure to keep them alive.

But you need to ensure you follow the below steps to get the most of our your flowers.

To ensure that your dried + preserved arrangements stay looking fresh + natural forever, please consider the following -

- Keeping them out of direct sunlight

- Always keeping them upright in the vessel (vase)

- Store them in a cool and dry area (out of wind)

- Fluff them as required (monthly)

- Refrain them from excess heat and getting wet (keep out of washrooms etc).


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